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About Us

We are a Champaign County, Ohio, 501(c) (3) conservation organization, a “land trust.”

  • We work to preserve farmland, open space, and wildlife habitat.

  • We sponsor programs about land preservation, conservation, local foods, climate change, and natural history.

  • We are one of over 1300 land trusts in the United States.


What is a land trust?

A land trust is a private non-profit conservation organization.  A land trust is organized to help achieve individual and community land use and land preservation goals, often using conservation easements.

What is a conservation easement?

  • A conservation easement is an important land preservation tool.

  • An easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust that permanently limits some uses of the land.

  • A land trust works with a landowner to create easement language that protects the conservation values of the owner’s property.

  • Conservation values may include productive agriculture land, stream corridors, woodlands.

  • Once an easement is written and agreed upon, it is recorded at the county recorder’s office.

  • An easement remains in place from owner to owner. That is, an easement “follows the land” and protects the conservation values of the property, “in perpetuity.”

  • Owners continue to own their land.  They can use their land, sell it, or pass it on to heirs, subject to the easement.

Board Members

Tracy Mount 

Tingting Cai

Michelle Comer

Judy Crawford

Maureen Fry, Vice President

Mark Loudenback, Vice President

Ardell Price, President

Doug Schafer, Treasurer

Sharon Veale, Secretary



Steve Hess

Janet Ward

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