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How to help

  • Support Champaign Land Preservation with your contributions and/or active involvement.

  • Basic membership is $25.

  • Invite your neighbors to join.

  • Serve on CLP’s all-volunteer board.

  • Call, write, or email your local, state and federal representatives and government officials.  Let them know how important land preservation is to you, to the economy of Champaign County, to our quality of life, and to the future.

  • Consider donating a conservation easement as part of your financial/estate plan.

If you want more information about Champaign Land Preservation, want to become a member, are interested in volunteering your time or talent, want to become a board member, or wish to talk with a board member, please use the Email Contact Form on the “Contact Us” page or write us at Champaign Land Preservation, PO Box 38154, Urbana OH 43078.

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